Why “Ask Nurses and Doctors” (AND):

We aim to harness the interest and concern of the American public on the right to affordable health care coverage. It is a defining issue in the 2020 elections and beyond.

What’s Our Mission:

Ask Nurses and Doctors (AND) is a bipartisan venture whose mission is to help elect Congressional representatives and a President of the United States that prioritize the solution of US health care problems and aims for universal coverage.  We are bipartisan and look forward to the next electoral cycle when we can support both Democrats and Republicans.

How We Will Achieve Our Mission:

For 2021, we are working in vaccine hesitancy. As we always try to do in a bipartisan manner we are working with corporations, labor unions, and local health professionals to encourage vaccine acceptance. In the 2020 cycle, we worked with 15-30 health care professionals in each of approximately 10 Congressional districts. In addition, we organized local health care professionals in the following swing states: Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. 

Whatever health care related communication a candidate wishes to convey, delivery by a health professional can significantly increase the likelihood that any audience will hear and act on the message.

How We Support Health Professionals:

  1.  Training material/expertise as desired. Nationally recognized experts in writing, video messaging and social media will work with Dr. Goldfield in his efforts.
  2.  A community of like-minded health professionals who are passionate about getting Congressional candidates elected who want a practical way forward to achieve universal health care coverage
  3.  Access to the Congressional candidate and campaign staff for the purpose of follow-up both before and hopefully after the election.
  4.  Follow-up on any efforts by individual health professionals.